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Relationships standards and you can satisfaction inside the Pakistani couples

Note: Correlations more than diagonal for males, less than diagonal for females; underlined with the diagonal are definitely the correlations between female and male partners toward specified adjustable. Resemblance indicator are few?height details while they assess the agreement ranging from couples. *p step 1 gifts the new suggest into the pair thread and you will family relations obligations requirements towards about three trials (Pakistani, West, and you may Chinese partners). In this post, we use in the new ANOVA assessment nation differences in couples thread standards (Hypothesis 1), you will find a significant high effect of country, F(2, 109) = nine.847, p dos = 0.153, however, zero tall effect of sex, F(1, 109) = 0.234, p = 0.629, ? 2 = 0.002, or communication from the country, F(2, step one09) = step 1.306, p = 0.275, ? 2 = 0.023. Pakistanis and you can Westerners didn’t disagree notably towards partners thread, F(step one, 80) = 0.000, p = 0.984, ? 2 = 0.000, but Pakistanis ranked few bond as more crucial than Chinese, F(step 1, 77) = , p 2 = 0.161. Contour step 1 reveals equivalent means to the partners thread within the Pakistan and Australian continent, less suggest for China, therefore the similarity of your sexes within for each nation.